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No matter what stage of our career we are at, there’s always some training that can help us along. Whether it’s to learn a new skill, develop a new way of working, or to refresh an area of fundraising that you’ve been working in for a long time, training can be a great way to connect with others, and to feel inspired or motivated.

Our range of training courses and suggestions are here to help you do just that – reconnect and re-inspire your practice. From the big names and brightest minds in the industry, to specialist consultancies offering in-house training, find a selection of the best on offer here.

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External training providers

Chartered institute of fundraising

Offering a range of training from one day updates to year-long qualification programmes, the Chartered Institute of Fundraising (CIOF) is your go-to for a progressive learning framework throughout your fundraising career. Offering qualification courses including an Introduction to Fundraising, a Certificate in Fundraising, a Diploma in Fundraising, and an International Advanced Diploma in Fundraising. Find out more at: Chartered Institute of Fundraising – Training, qualifications, events & resources listing.

Institute for sustainable philanthropy

Led by arguably the world’s foremost fundraising academics, Prof. Adrian Sargeant and Prof. Jen Shang, the Institute for Sustainable Philanthropy offers a range of online learning options that feature the new science of Philanthropic Psychology. Roughly translating to “love of humankind”, this new approach to donor communications and relationships is leading to long term sustainable increases in giving, effectively boosting donor’s wellbeing, and the amount and frequency which they then choose to donate. Find out more at: Fundraising qualifications – courses, certificates, and webinars — Institute for Sustainable Philanthropy

Get grants

A large selection of short courses are offered by the Get Grants team, from online free introduction sessions, to four-hour dives into specific topics, to bespoke and in-house training. Get Grants also offer a variety of other services such as “meet the funder” events, all geared towards smaller charities. Find out more at: Training – Get Grants


Based in Australia but encompassing fundraising experts from all over the globe, Moceanic offer a monthly subscription for fundraisers wishing to upskill which includes access to a variety of courses and mentoring. Find out more at: Membership – Waitlist | Moceanic